Troubleshooting and FAQ

Get help for common issues with Sunsama's Todoist integration.

Todoist tasks are getting auto-completed

When tasks originate from the calendar and are added to the task list, they will auto-complete when the end time passes. This happens for any task that comes from the calendar.

If you are using Todoist's popular Google calendar integration, you'll run into this issue when you do the following:

  1. Use Todoist to create an event on your Google calendar
  2. Import the calendar event as a task in Sunsama

That task will autocomplete in Sunsama. This workflow above is considered an anti-pattern in Sunsama, since Sunsama treats any event that originates from your calendar as a "meeting" rather than a "task". An alternative would be to not use Todoist (or it's Google calendar integration) to schedule your tasks to your calendar, and instead use Sunsama to schedule your tasks to your calendar directly:

So your workflow would look like:

  1. Import the Todoist task you want to work on as a task into Sunsama
  2. Drag that imported Todoist task to your calendar

You would no longer have to worry about autocomplete if you take that approach.