Workspace Settings

Accessing Workspace Settings

  • Use the Command Palette to search for workspace settings
  • Use the main dropdown in the app (in the top left corner):


Some of the following sections may or may not appear and may look different depending on if you are in a shared workspace or not, and what type of member you are in your workspace.


On the Contexts & Channels page, you can edit and create your different contexts and channels.


User your Schedules page to tell Sunsama the hours you want to have tasks auto-scheduled during. You can set up custom schedules for different days. You can also set up custom schedules for channels and contexts, which will override the default schedule hours.

More information on how to set up and use schedules can be found here:


If you are in a shared collaborative workspace, here you will see the other members of your workspace. In a shared private workspace, only owners and admins will see all members.

  • If you are an owner or admin, you are able to change the status of another user as long as they are not already an owner.
  • An owner's status can only be changed by the owner themselves making another user the owner. The owner would then become an admin.

An owner or admin can also remove another user from your workspace.

From here, you can also click “Invite Teammates” to invite more users to your workspace.


If you are in a shared workspace, here you will see a simple explanation of the privacy and visibility of the core features of Sunsama (Tasks, Calendars, etc.)

This section will state whether your shared workspace is private or collaborative, and what that means.

If you are owner or admin, you will also see two settings:

Private tasks by default

  • If this is turned off, all tasks will be public to teammates in the workspace except those task that are assigned to a private context or channel
  • If this is turned on, all tasks will be private and hidden from teammates except those tasks assigned to a public context or channel

Disable link invites

  • If this is turned on, users can only join your workspace via the email invite, not the URL link invite.

Converting your shared workspace configuration

Converting from collaborative to private

If you are an admin or owner and are in a collaborative workspace, you will see a button to Adjust Workspace Privacy.

If you click this, you will have the option to convert your shared collaborative workspace to a shared private workspace. If you convert your workspace, all the accounts in that workspace will still be aggregate through the single billing set up. However, it will feel like everyone has their own private workspace and there will not be collaborative features; teammates will no longer be able to see each other's tasks. This is useful if you want to pay for your colleague’s subscriptions but not collaborate or see each other’s tasks.

Converting from private to collaborative

We do not allow users to change their workspace privacy from private to collaborative via self-service once the workspace has more than one member. We do this to make sure that admins cannot suddenly make each user's tasks public to the workspace. If you want to change it, please write to us and we'll help you get this sorted.


From the Billing page you can click "Manage Billing", which will bring you to your billing portal.

There, you can update your billing information, your subscription, and view a log of changes to your workspace and subscription, as well as a billing history.

For more information on Billing, head here:

Workspace management

Rename the workspace

If you are the owner of your workspace, you can rename your workspace. The name of your workspace is what appears in the slug after . If you rename the workspace, other users in the workspace will have to refresh for access, and any bookmarks to your workspace will need to be updated. New email forwarding addresses will also be generated.

Leave the workspace

If you are in a shared workspace, here you can leave that workspace.

If you leave the workspace, teammates will no longer be able to see your tasks, but any calendar events you created on your underlying calendar, or notes and comments you wrote on shared tasks in Sunsama will not be deleted.

As long as you don't delete your account entirely, you can rejoin the workspace later to regain access to your notes and tasks.

If you are the owner of the workspace and wish to leave it, you'll need to promote another teammate to be the owner first. You can pick the teammate to promote under the "Members" section above.

Delete the workspace

If you are the owner or admin of a workspace, you can delete it entirely.

This action is irreversible, and will delete the workspace for all other teammates. If you simply want to cancel your subscription, you can do that via “Billing” if you are an owner or admin, or by leaving the workspace if you are a member.