Interacting with imported tasks

Learn how Notion tasks behave inside Sunsama

Once a Notion task is imported, its data is embedded within a Sunsama task. This article explains how data flows between Notion and Sunsama and where you should do your work.


How to use

Imported tasks · 0:11

Once a Notion task is imported into Sunsama, it becomes a Sunsama task, with an embedded Notion task. You can tell which tasks in your kanban are imported from Notion via the Notion icon on the card. Clicking on this icon will bring you to the task in Notion.

Notion task details · 0:50

Click on a Sunsama task that's linked to Notion to see a preview of your Notion task embedded inside the Sunsama task.

If the task has a checkbox property, you can interact with that checkbox, and this will be synced with the checkbox on the task in Notion.

Interacting with Sunsama specific task information · 1:28

Your associated Sunsama task acts like a worksheet for your Notion task. Inside your Sunsama task, you can add notes, time tracking information, subtasks, and comments without messing with your Notion task. Use your Sunsama task to track the minutia of the task that your collaborators might not care about in Notion.

Note: completing the task in Sunsama does not affect the task in Notion, unless you have set up completion automations, which are covered in the next page of this help center.