Planning Pro-tips

Planning an entire week in Sunsama

Use Calendar View to plan your week ahead

Splitting a task on the calendar and multi-day tasks

Tips for splitting a task into multiple timeboxes on today’s calendar, and overview of techniques for dealing with multi-day tasks.

Using Objectives to plan backwards from a deadline

Use weekly objectives to plan aligned tasks that lead up to a deadline or due date.

Use recurring task notes for accurate, quick, personalized reflections

Use the notes of recurring tasks to help you write better ritual reflections.

How to manage your tasks ahead of vacation or OOO days

Tips for managing your Sunsama tasks ahead of holiday or vacation time.

Theme days

Theme days are a strategy for breaking your work week into different themes for each day of the week. That way, each day, you can get deeply focused on one thing at a time even if you have to wear a lot of hats. It makes it easier to plan out your days and weeks, gives you a sense of how much time you'll have in a week for a given project, and gives you a place to put incoming work so you don't feel forced to work on it immediately.

Implementing theme days

  1. Figure out what your theme days should be. Read this article for more examples for how to create your theme days.
  2. Create a task on a Monday, put your theme in the title, add any notes, links, or inspiration to the notes section. Make the task repeat every Monday.
  3. Repeat this process for each day!