Add via URL

Create or import a task by pasting a URL from another website or tool


Quickly create tasks from other tools and websites by pasting a URL. Preview the linked task/website within Sunsama.


How to use: importing from other tools

Copy the URL for the item you want to add as a task · 0:08

Within the originating tool (e.g. Gmail, Todoist, Notion, etc), copy the URL for the item (e.g. email, issue, task) you want to import into Sunsama.

There are different ways to do this depending on the tool itself, but in general opening up the item in the tool, and copying the URL in the address bar of your web browser is the quickest and simplest.

Paste the URL into the task creation modal · 0:20

Open the task creation modal in Sunsama and paste your copied URL into the new task title.

Sunsama will recognize the URL as a task from that integration and suggest the option to import it. Hit Enter to select the suggestion. Sunsama will create a link to that task and translate the URL into a useful title.


Using the global add task shortcut

Create a task quickly without leaving your other tool by using the global add task shortcut.

With the Sunsama desktop app open in the background, simply use the keyboard shortcut (by default this is Cmd Shift A on Macs, or Ctrl Shift A on Windows) to open that task creation modal and paste the URL you've copied.

Create the task · 0:36

After hitting Enter the first time to establish the link, the task is not yet created in Sunsama.

Now, you can continue to create the task by editing the title of the task, entering planned time with the ~ key, assigning the channel with the # key, and setting a start date with the @ key.


Importing from other tools requires integrating those tools within Sunsama

In order to import tasks via URLs from tools Sunsama integrates with, you'll need to have connected these integrations in Sunsama. If you attempt to paste a URL from a tool that Sunsama integrates with, but you haven't set up yet, you'll be prompted to add that integration.

Only tools Sunsama has integrations with support importing via URL.

How to use: linking generic websites

Generic Website URL import · 1:54

For tools and websites that Sunsama does not have an integration for, such as a generic website, you can still create a neatly linked Sunsama task using the same method as above.

By pasting the URL of a website in the task's title, Sunsama will create a properly named task with a backlink to and preview of the website in the task.