Place tasks on your calendar to plan out exactly when you'll work on them. Timebox your tasks to get a realistic idea of what you'll work on between meetings and other obligations.

Introduction to Timeboxing

In Sunsama, you can timebox (or timeblock) tasks onto your calendar. This helps you decide exactly what task to work on when and for how long.

At a basic level, you'll timebox tasks on to the calendar by dragging and dropping them onto the calendar view or using the auto-schedule feature. As soon as you timebox a task, a corresponding calendar event is created on your underlying Google or Outlook calendar.

How to Timebox a task · 0:33

The simplest way to timebox a task is to grab the task and drag and drop it onto the calendar view at a time where you want to work on it. You can also auto-schedule a task by hovering over it and typing X, or by righting click on it and clicking "Add to calendar".

Before you add a task to your calendar, it's a good idea to set a time estimate or planned time on the task. That way, the corresponding calendar event will be of the correct duration.

Timeboxing and your calendar

When you timebox a task, it will show up as an event in your underlying (Google or Outlook) calendar. Sunsama does not have its own calendar; it relies on and uses your Google and/or Outlook calendar(s) for timeboxing.

You can control the privacy, availability, and reminders of these calendar events created from timeboxed tasks from your settings.

You can control on which of your calendars your tasks show up by setting a default for tasks calendar, or linking a channel, in your calendar settings page.

Check out these settings if you don't want to clutter your main calendar with timeboxed tasks (working sessions).

Learning more about timeboxing

For detailed information about all aspects of Timeboxing in Sunsama, please continue to the sub-pages below.