Troubleshooting and FAQ

How can I create tasks from Slack?

There are two ways to create tasks from Slack:

  1. Mentioning the sunsama bot (make sure to invite the bot to the channel first):

  1. Using a Slack "Action" to turn a pre-existing message into a task.

Clicking the "..." menu on any message reveals the option to turn a Sunsama message into a task

Connecting Private Slack Channels

If you want to post to a private Slack channel, you need to first grant Sunsama access to the private Slack channel. Here's how:

  1. Inside of Slack, invite the @sunsama bot to the private channel
  2. Go back to Sunsama, refresh the page or the app (CMD+R)
  3. When selecting a channel to post to, you should now see private Slack channels.

Connecting the correct Slack workspace

If you've accidentally connected the wrong Slack workspace, here's how to fix it:

  1. From your workspace settings, remove the integration for Slack
  2. Re-add the integration for Slack
  3. When prompted to authorize Slack use the select menu in the top right corner to select the correct Slack workspace:

Slack Workspace Selector