Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts let you take common actions directly from your keyboard.


Perform common actions with less effort. Most helpful when you are taking repetitive actions like assigning a channel to all the tasks you just created, snoozing multiple items to the backlog, or starting and stopping timers.


How to use

Shortcuts List · 0:08

Hit ? to pull up the list of all keyboard shortcuts.

Using shortcuts on tasks · 0:30

To use keyboard shortcuts that edit a single item like "start a timer" or "set planned time" you need to make sure some task or objective is selected.

In the main dashboard view, the currently highlighted task will have a gentle shadow border around it.

To select a task you can:

  • Hover over it with your mouse
  • Navigate and highlight the task with your arrow keys
  • Open the task page by clicking on it
  • Open the task in focus mode with keyboard shortcut F

Best practices

  • Don't try and learn all the keyboard shortcuts at once. Just pick a few that are critical to your daily workflow. The ones that will save you the most time and effort are:

    • A to add a task
    • arrow keys to highlight or select a task
    • # or Q to set a channel
    • ~ or W to set a planned time
    • @ while creating a task to set the start date, as well as the # and ~ shortcuts mentioned above
    • D to snooze a task to tomorrow
    • Cmd Enter to open a task
    • V to add subtasks
    • T to enter Today View
    • F to enter Focus Mode on that task
    • Space for starting/stopping a timer
    • ESC to close your current view
    • CMD Shift A to create a task from outside Sunsama (only if desktop app is open)
    • CMD Shift Space to open the Focus Bar (only for desktop app)
  • Using the command palette is a good way to start familiarizing yourself with the keyboard shortcuts. Once you are comfortable with that, you can graduate to using shortcuts.