Troubleshooting and FAQ

My databases are missing. How can I find them?

Databases may not be showing for a few reasons:

  1. You have not shared the database with the Sunsama integration.
    a. Go to Notion and open the database of interest or one of it’s parent pages
    b. Click on “Share” in the top right corner
    c. Click “Invite” and then add Sunsama


You can also try removing and re-adding the Notion integration which will also let you select databases and pages to share with Sunsama

  1. You have recently created or shared your database with Sunsama or you recently added the Notion integration.
    Notion does not provide immediate access to changes so it can take up to an hour before these databases will show.
  2. The database you are looking for is just a view of the original.
    Notion unfortunately does not expose access to their views. As a result we are only able to show the original database view in its original location.
  3. Your databases are dangling
    There are a few cases where your databases are not nested in the path you expect and are instead shown at the end of the list. This will happen when the database:
    a. has a private parent in their path.
    b. has a block as a parent in their path instead of a page or a database

Notion Databases still now showing?

The Notion API is notoriously immature and these sorts of issues wouldn't be unexpected. If you continue having issues please email [email protected] with a video showing where in your Notion hierarchy the database lives, what the databases sharing settings are, and what you see in Sunsama. If you don't have a screen recording tool you already love, I'd recommend using Loom.