Solutions to common issues.


Problems you might be experiencing:

  • I accidentally created an account
  • I am being forced to go through the first time planning guide again

Why this happens

The most common reason for this is that you "logged in" with a new email and accidentally created a new account.

How to fix

If you are already logged into your accidental account:

  1. Finish the first time onboarding (enter dummy data to move quickly)
  2. Go to your account settings and delete the account
  3. Then log back in with your usual account

If you aren't logged in:

  1. Log in to Sunsama from here: - We recommend using a private or incognito window.
  2. Go to your account settings and scroll to the bottom and delete your account.
  3. Then log back in with your usual account

Daily Planning

I am planning the wrong day

Why this happens

Each day, Sunsama walks you through the guided daily planning flow. These are the screens with the instructions on the left and a center area with a few columns. If you don't ever finish the planning flow (by clicking next until you get to the main kanban view) you'll be automatically redirected to plan the next day after 3 PM rolls around. This is the time Sunsama assumes your daily planning is probably for the next day instead of today.

Often times, people end up in this position because they like the focused view of just one day at a time. Instead of living inside the daily planning, you can use the Today View once you finish.

How to fix

Make sure to follow all the steps on the left and finish the entire flow. This will prevent Sunsama from changing your view inadvertently while you are working.

If you'd like a way to view just today's tasks and meetings you can toggle the "Today Focus Mode" by hitting the keyboard shortcut "T" (or finding it in the CMD+K shortcut menu).


Missing tasks

Problems you might be experiencing:

  • All my tasks disappeared
  • I only see some of my tasks
  • I've returned to Sunsama after a while and all my tasks are missing

Why this is happening:

It's most likely that your tasks ended up in the archive after not being completed many days in a row or you've got a channel/context selected that isn't the "#all" channel and are only seeing tasks in that channel.

How to fix it:

  1. Check your archive. The archive is accessible through the "moon icon" in the right hand panel. Tasks that roll over, without any completion activity end up there.
  2. Make sure you are in the #all channel. You can change your channel from the channel selector in the left hand column or via the keyboard shortcuts CMD+L.
  3. Make sure you are logged into the right Sunsama account. If you are returning after a long time, it's easy to accidentally sign in with a different email account and accidentally create a brand new account. You can see what account you are logged into by clicking the "Sunsama" dropdown menu in the top right corner of the web and desktop app.

I can't drag and drop tasks to the calendar on iPad

Why this is happening:

We've got an outstanding issue that prevents dragging and drop from the task list to the calendar on certain touch based devices.

How to fix it:

  1. Click the "..." menu on the task
  2. Click "Add to calendar"
  3. Then drag the event on the calendar to resize or change the duration

Tasks from my calendar are being auto-completed

Why this is happening:

When you import a meeting into your task list, Sunsama will automatically check it off when the end time of the meeting passes. Often times, if you a new to Sunsama, and were timeboxing directly on your calendar before Sunsama it's like that the events you are importing to your task list are actually tasks that you don't want auto-completed.

Sunsama will not automatically check off tasks if they start as tasks and then are later timeboxed to the calendar from within Sunsama. In that case, we know that the item is a task and not a *meeting.

How to fix it:

If you are new to Sunsama and your calendar is filled with events or meetings that are really tasks, you'll want to start creating those in Sunsama first and then dragging them to your calendar inside Sunsama.

The time information on my tasks show differently in various views

Why this is happening:

Sunsama shows you different views of the same time data based on how you are viewing the task.

In the Kanban View and Focus Mode, you see the timing information for the current day only. If you've been working on the task for multiple days, you won't see the cumulative time for the task.

In the task page view, you'll see the cumulative time information for the task, across all days. You can click on the "actual time" to see the breakdown by day.


Calendars not showing

Problems you might be experiencing:

  • I can't see all my calendars.
  • I don't see the same calendars on web, desktop, and mobile.

Why this is happening:

The most common you aren't seeing your calendars is because you haven't toggled them on on your particular device. The calendars in view are saved on a per-client basis. This means you can see different calendars selected on web, mobile, and desktop.

How to fix it:

On web and desktop

  1. Make sure you've got the correct calendars toggled on in the left hand panel.
  2. Click on "Calendars" in the left hand panel and make sure the calendar is toggled as "Enabled". When you an enable a calendar, you add it to your list of calendars that are quickly accessible from the left hand panel.

On mobile

  1. Navigate to the calendar tab from the bottom menu.
  2. Click on the "Hamburger Menu" in the top left corner of the app (three lines).
  3. Make sure you've got the correct calendars toggled on. Visible calendars show a filled in colored circle.
  4. If you aren't seeing the calendar in the list, click on "All calendars" and toggle the calendar on, then return to the last step to toggle it on.


Wrong account connected

Problems you might be experiencing:

  • I connected the wrong account to Sunsama when integrating a tool
  • I keep connecting to the wrong account

Why this is happening

Browsers will often automatically connect Sunsama to whatever account is already logged into your other tools.

How to fix

  1. Remove your integration in Sunsama. You do this from your Workspace Settings. Click on the main "Sunsama" dropdown in the top left corner, then click "Workspace Settings". Scroll to the relevant integration and click "Remove".
  2. Re-add your integration. It's helpful to make sure you are logged out of the third party tool or already logged in with the account you want to integrate before you add the integration.

Google Domain Migration

Problems you might be experiencing:

  • My company migrated our Google Domain to a new domain and I'm not seeing my calendars.
  • My calendars and emails are no longer working.

How to fix

  1. Remove your calendar integration from your workspace settings.

  2. Go to your account settings and go to the bottom and change your primary email to your new one.

    This will require you to logout and then login with your new email.

  3. Go back to your workspace settings and re-add the calendar integration. This time make sure you authorize Google with the new account.

Mobile App

Beta Expired on iOS

If you can no longer use the mobile app because it says the beta is expired, please just re-open TestFlight on iOS and "Update" Sunsama to the latest version.

I can't install the iOS app via TestFlight because it's asking for a code.

Kill the TestFlight app entirely and then follow this URL you opened for the Sunsama mobile app again.

Desktop App

Desktop app is too small or too big

Zoom in to the desktop app with the key combination CMD + Shift + +
Zoom out of the desktop app with the key combination CMD + -