Installation and account management

Learn how to add and remove your integration in Sunsama

Adding the integration and connecting your account/workspaces

There are two ways you can integrate

  • From your Integration Settings.
  • By clicking on the icon in the right hand panel, which may be hidden under the + button.

To integrate your account, click the "Add Monday account" button. You'll be prompted to provide Sunsama with a Personal Access Token to allow access to your account.

How to find your Personal Access Token

  1. Login to the account you wish to connect.
  2. Click on your avatar/profile picture in the top right corner.
  3. Select Developer. This will open the Developer Center in another tab. If you do not see this option, you might not have the right permissions to do so for your workspace. Contact an admin for your workspace to gain access.
  4. Go to the My Access Tokens section.
  5. Click on the blue Show button to expose your API token and copy it.

Please note that you can always regenerate a new token; however, doing so will cause the previous token to expire and the integration to stop working until you provide Sunsama the new token.


Integrating the correct organization account .

If you are a member of multiple organizations, make sure you switch to the right account when adding the integration. You can switch accounts from within the app, using the 'switch accounts' option in the top right hand menu.


Integrating the correct user account .

If you have multiple user accounts, make sure you are logged into the account you wish to integrate when adding the integration in Sunsama. Sometimes this is more easily done in a private or incognito browser window, if you have web browser profiles.

Connecting additional workspaces and/or user accounts

Sunsama supports integrating multiple user accounts and workspaces.

To connect another user account or workspace, navigate to your integration settings in Sunsama and click "Add Monday Account".

From your integration settings page, you can also remove any of your connected user accounts or workspaces, or reconnect any that have become disconnected.