Browsing and importing tasks

Learn how to find your ClickUp tasks and pull them into your daily plan.


This article will show you how to browse your ClickUp spaces, folders, lists and tasks so that you can find the tasks you need while planning your day.


How to use

Accessing the ClickUp integration · 0:15

The ClickUp integration is visible in the right hand panel in both the Workspace View and the daily planning view.

To open the ClickUp panel:

Once you are inside the ClickUp panel, there are two sub-panels: "ClickUp" and "Automations". Click on ClickUp at the top to view your boards and cards.

Selecting a ClickUp workspace · 0:55

Inside the ClickUp integration, click on your user icon, then change workspaces. You'll be able to switch to any workspace under that ClickUp account.

Browsing ClickUp spaces, folders, and lists · 1:05

Sunsama gives you access to all of the ClickUp spaces, folders, and lists visible under the currently selected ClickUp workspace. To view items in different workspaces, you'll need to change workspaces from your avatar icon.

Click the main board dropdown to see a list of your spaces, folders, and lists organized a kin to ClickUp's left hand navigation panel.

Using the "Home" view · 1:36

From the main dropdown, you can select the "Home" view. This view mirrors your "Home" view in ClickUp and shows you tasks assigned to your ordered by due date.

View task details · 1:54

Sunsama provides a rich preview of each of your ClickUp tasks so you can decide which tasks you need to work on today without needing to leave Sunsama.

Click on any card to see a detailed preview of the ClickUp task.

Importing tasks · 2:22

When you are ready to commit to working on a certain ClickUp task, you can pull into your plan in Sunsama. There are three ways to pull a ClickUp task into Sunsama:

  1. Drag and drop the card from the ClickUp panel onto your Sunsama task list.
  2. Drag and drop the card from ClickUp panel onto your Sunsama calendar, this will add a task to that day in Sunsama and block off time on your calendar.
  3. From the ClickUp card preview, click "Add to today" or pick a specific date for the card.


Quickly add ClickUp task using URL

Rather than browsing through the ClickUp panel to add a task, you can use the URL of that task from ClickUp. Simply paste the URL of the ClickUp task into a new Sunsama task's title, and Sunsama will automatically create a full task containing the ClickUp task's details.

This is a good option if you are already in your ClickUp and want to quickly add a specific task to Sunsama without having to find it in the integration panel.

Filtering and sorting tasks

Sorting tasks · 3:39

Click the "Sort" button to see sorting options. You can sort by: date created, date updated and due date.

Filtering by assignee · 3:46

If you want to see just the tasks assigned to you, click the "Me" toggle. When highlighted, you'll only see tasks assigned to you.

If you wan to see tasks assigned to certain ClickUp teammates, click the "teammates" icon and select the teammates you want to see.

These filter options are never visible in the ClickUp "Home" view which only show you your tasks by definition.

Hiding or showing previously imported tasks · 4:12

By default, when you drag a task from ClickUp into Sunsama, that task is hidden in the right hand panel. This allows you to easily keep track of what cards still need to be pulled in.

If you want to see ClickUp tasks that have been previously pulled into Sunsama, click the menu button that says "Filter" and toggle on "Already imported".

If you want to hide ClickUp tasks that have been previously pulled into Sunsama, click the menu button that says "Filter" and toggle off "Already imported".

Troubleshooting and Best practices

  • ClickUp Sprint tasks are only viewable by directly viewing their folder or sprint list, they do not show when viewing at the "Space level". Alternatively, try finding those via your "Home" view, or adding it via URL import.
  • As you plan each day, pull in just the few ClickUp tasks you actually want to work on. Don't try and pull in all of your ClickUp tasks.
  • If your ClickUp tasks encapsulate a large portion of work, you can add subtasks to the Sunsama task and track your progress on the task across days. Learn more about dealing with multi-day tasks here.
  • Configure your Keep ClickUp in sync via Automations to make sure your actions in Sunsama keep your ClickUp tasks in-sync and your actions in ClickUp keep Sunsama up to date.