Creating and importing tasks: the basics

When building your task list for the day, you'll need to create and/or import tasks into your task list.

Tasks can be created natively in Sunsama and can also come from many different sources. Tasks can be added during daily planning or at any other time.

Different types and sources of Sunsama tasks:

Regular Sunsama tasks

Create a standalone (or recurring) Sunsama task. These tasks aren't tied to other tools and live only in Sunsama.

Tasks from calendar events

Import events from your calendar, automatically or manually, to build out your task list. We recommend importing your meetings and work related events to your task list, as they are work and should count towards it!

You can tell if an item in your task list is from a calendar event because it will show the Google / Outlook calendar icon on the task card.

Tasks from integrations

Tasks can be made from items in any of your integrated tools, such as Gmail. To create a task from these tools:

  • open the integration panel and drag a to do into your task list
  • copy the URL of the to do in the other tool and paste it into the add task modal

You can tell if a task is from an integration, and from which one, because it will show the integrated tool's icon on the task card.

The backlog is where tasks can exist without being tied to a specific date. When you're ready to plan to work on that task, open the backlog and drag tasks into your daily task lists.

Weekly Objectives can be the priorities, larger goals, and mini projects for your week. You can create tasks directly from your weekly objectives.

Tasks aligned to objectives will display the purple bullseye icon.

Create tasks that are linked to a URL or website by copying a website's URL and pasting it into the add task modal.

Tasks linked to URLs will display a little "link" icon, which also serves as a backlink icon to the webpage.

You can create tasks even if you're not actively in Sunsama, using the global add task shortcut.

Merging tasks

You can merge your tasks into other tasks as subtasks. This is useful for grouping together to dos that can be parts of the same larger parent task, and can make your task list a bit more manageable.

To merge a task, just hold the alt or option key while picking up, dragging, and dropping a task onto another.