Task rollover: the basics

Tasks that are left incomplete at the end of the day roll over to the next day, but there are some exceptions and things to note.

Task Rollover:

All tasks automatically roll over to the next day's task list if they are left incomplete at midnight. You do not need to worry about tasks being left incomplete on a previous day, and you do not necessarily need to manually move tasks to tomorrow if you didn't work on them today.

Sunsama has an "auto-archive" feature, which can automatically capture incomplete tasks that have rolled over multiple consecutive days. Find your archive in the right hand panel (crescent moon icon) or open it with keyboard shortcut Shift A.

The purpose of the archive is to help you declutter your task list of tasks you simply aren't doing.

When a task has been auto-archived, you should see a pink badge on the archive icon, as well as the "N Tasks moved to archive" text at the bottom of today's task list.

You can disable the archive so that your tasks never end up in the archive, or you can change the threshold for the number of days a task needs to rollover consecutively before being auto-archived. You can change these settings at the top of your archive panel.

You cannot manually move tasks into the archive; tasks only end up there automatically. If a task is archived, it will stay there until you take some action such as moving the task out of the archive, completing it, or deleting it.

Auto-completing imported events and meetings:

Events (meetings) you've imported to your task list are also subject to rollover if left incomplete. Sometimes this is not ideal, so you may want to configure your settings such that certain (or all) imported events are automatically marked as complete when their scheduled end time passes. You can configure this at Settings > Calendar > Meeting Import: "Auto-complete imported calendar events"

For more information on the different auto-complete settings, refer to this guide.

Recurring task rollover behavior:

Recurring tasks, like regular tasks, will always roll over if left uncompleted. However, there's one exception:

If you haven't made any edits to a recurring task and the task rolls over to a day where the next instance of that recurring task occurs, it will be removed. This reduces duplicate recurring tasks from piling up when they roll over.

Any of the following would count as an "edit" that makes an instance of a recurring task unique, and not subject to this rollover exemption: editing its name, notes, or subtasks, logging actual time, editing the planned time, editing the channel.