Focus Bar

Keep the task you're focused on visible outside of Sunsama.


Maintain your focus while outside of Sunsama.


How to use


Requires the desktop app

In order to use the focus bar, you must have the Sunsama desktop app running in the background (v2.0.7 or newer).

Using the focus bar · 0:05

  • Reposition the focus bar to the desired position on your desktop. We recommend the upper right corner.
  • When you're ready to start working on a task, use the 'play' button to start the timer. If you need to take a break, use the 'pause' button to pause the timer.
  • When you're finished with your current task, use the 'check' button to complete it and change focus to your next task.

Showing the focus bar · 1:15

  • Press F on your keyboard to focus a particular task. Entering focus mode will show the focus bar.
  • Press Space to start the timer on a task. Starting a task timer will show the focus bar.
  • Press CMD Shift F (or Ctrl Shift F on Windows) to toggle the visibility of the focus bar.
  • Your focus will automatically moved to the next task on your list for the day when you complete the task being focused.

Hiding the focus bar · 2:03

  • Exiting focus mode will hide the focus bar (unless there is a task actively being timed).
  • Clicking on the "hide" icon on the focus bar
  • Press CMD Shift F to toggle the visibility of the focus bar.

Starting or stoping the timer with global keyboard shortcut

You can use the keyboard shortcut CMD Shift Space (or Ctrl Shift Space on windows) to start or stop the task or break timer.

Disabling the focus bar · 2:52

  • If you'd rather not have the focus bar appear automatically, you can disable it from the focus bar settings.

Adjust key bind · 3:40

If the default shortcut conflicts with other shortcuts you use, change the key bind for the focus bar timer or the focus bar itself from your account settings page. You can also disable the global keyboard shortcut entirely from there.

Timer Sounds

Enable the "Play a sound..." setting to have the timer play one of four sounds when the timer reaches a certain point. From your focus bar settings, you can:

  • Select one of four sounds to play via the focus bar, and test those sounds
  • Set the relative volume of the timer sound
  • Select to trigger the sound 10, 5, and/or 0 minutes before the actual time reaches the planned time in the timer

Note: timer sounds only play when the focus bar is showing