Installation and account management

Learn how to add, remove, and configure your Notion integration with Sunsama.


Adding the Notion integration and connecting your databases · 0:11

There are two ways you can integrate Notion:

  • From your Workspace Settings.
  • By clicking the Notion button in the right hand panel, which may be hidden under the + button.

In order to integrate, click the "Add" button, then grant Sunsama the requested permissions.


Integrating the correct Notion account

If you are already logged into Notion in your browser, the consent screen you see will grant Sunsama access to the Notion accounts that are logged in. Make sure you are logged in with the Notion account you want to integrate.

If you have multiple workspaces, select the one you want to integrate first. You can add more Notion workspaces later.

Select your pages · 0:40

Next, select the pages in your workspace that you'd like to integrate into Sunsama.


Browse databases to pull in pages as tasks

Plain text on pages can't be turned into tasks in Sunsama, only pages themselves contained in tables and kanbans (databases).

Connecting additional pages · 1:39

If you want to add another database after setting up your Notion integration, you can do so two ways:

  1. Use Notion's "connections" feature:

    • Go to your page in Notion.
    • Click the three dot menu button in the top right corner.
    • Scroll down to find the "Connections" section, and find "Sunsama" to add the page. The page should now appear in your Notion integration after refreshing Sunsama.
  2. You can remove and re-add the Notion integration which will let you select databases and pages to share with Sunsama. Note: This process will remove any filters and automations you've set up.

Connecting additional Notion Workspaces or removing them · 2:40

Navigate to your Workspace Settings, scroll down to the Notion integration section, and click "Manage". From this page:

  • Click "Add another Notion Workspace" to connect another workspace in Sunsama.
  • Click "Remove" to disconnect a Notion workspace from Sunsama.