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Similar to the onboarding emails, these emails are designed to be quick, digestible reads that arrive in your inbox each work day that help you think deeper about what it means to work well.


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Currently Available Courses

Indistractable: Principles of Productivity

This five day course is co-authored by Nir Eyal, the author of Indistractable. Each day we'll discuss one philosophy, idea, or mental model you need to know to cultivate your own ability to be Indistractable. This course focuses more on the big ideas and less on the day to day implementation tactics. Emails will be sent each morning and will require a daily commitment of two minutes.

Establishing Your Daily Shutdown Ritual

This five day course is designed to help you commit to a daily shutdown ritual and step away from work with confidence. If you are skeptical about working less or need help fighting the urge to always be working, this course is for you. We'll cover Cal Newport's principles for an effective daily shutdown ritual and also discuss how a daily shutdown ritual allows us to live a richer life.

Atomic Habits: Developing a Daily Planning Habit

This ten day course teaches you the frameworks and ideas in James Clear's book "Atomic Habits" to develop your daily planning routine. If you've struggled with developing a consistent daily planning habit, this email sequence will help you re-establish the habit.

Time Wise

This five day course curates actionable strategies by Dr. Imber's book Time Wise. which she developed talking to more than 150 bestselling authors, musicians, entertainers, entrepreneurs and business leaders on her podcast "How I work"

Best practices

  • We recommend doing just one course at a time so you can really digest the ideas.
  • Feel free to write back to any of the emails to start a dialog!