Account Settings

Configure the display and functionality of your workspace to your personal preferences.

Accessing Settings


Primary Workspace

The workspace you spend most of your time in.

If your account is a part of multiple workspaces, you can select a "primary workspace" as the workspace you'll be shown by default when you first log in. If you aren't in multiple workspaces, you won't see this option.


The timezone for your account. This is used across all devices.

Timezone alert

Show an alert when your timezone has changed. We recommend keeping this turned on.

Start of week

Adjust your display of calendar based layouts to start weeks on Sunday or Monday.

Count planned time as actual time

Determines if your "planned" time on each task should be used as the "actual" time when there is no "actual" time value present.

Task rollover position

Determine if you'd like incomplete tasks to roll to the top of the next day's column or to the bottom.

If your rolled over tasks are usually unimportant stragglers - select "bottom". If your rolled over tasks are usually important things you didn't get to - select "top".

Enter focus mode after starting timer

Determines if starting the timer also automatically moves you into focus mode.

Workload threshold

Configure your desired workload for each day. When your daily workload gets close or exceeds this number of hours, you'll see your workload threshold change color and Sunsama will warn you that you are overcommitted.

Select "Custom by day" if you want to configure a different threshold for each day of the week.

The workload threshold only counts tasks that are in your "work" contexts. Anything in a personal context won't count against it.

Calendar event color

Determine how calendar events should be colored in the calendar view.

  • Color by channel: to show the event in the color of it's associated channel or context or in the color of it's associated calendar if no channel is set.
  • Color by calendar: to show the event in it's associated calendar color regardless of whether it's in a channel or not.

Support chat bubble

Toggle the Intercom support bubble in the bottom left corner of the app.

If you turn this off, you can always reach us at [email protected]

Dark mode

Show the app in dark mode. This setting is honored regardless of your system or OS level settings.

Keyboard shortcuts

If you turn this off, all global Keyboard Shortcuts will be turned off. The only keyboard shortcut that will work is CMD+K to pull up the Command Palette. Basic keyboard actions like "ESC" to close modals will continue to function.


When do you plan you day

Select the time that your daily planning ritual will automatically appear. Times after 3 PM will cause your planning ritual to plan the next day and times before 3 PM will plan the current day.

This also determines the time at which your daily planning reminders appear.

Automated daily planning

Determines if the daily planning ritual appears automatically on your screen once a day.

If you turn it off, you can always initialize the daily planning flow via the keyboard shortcut P.

When do you end your day

Determines your suggested daily shutdown time during daily planning.

Automated daily shutdown

Determines if the daily shutdown ritual appears automatically each day.

If you turn this setting off, you can always access the daily shutdown via it's keyboard shortcut.

Include weekends during reviews

In daily planning/reflection this determines if you will see the last day or the last work day when reviewing what happened. In weekly reflection this determines if data from weekends should be shown at all.

Automated weekly review

Determines if you should be prompted to review each week.


Default calendar when scheduling tasks

From you Calendar Settings page you can adjust your "Default calendar" when scheduling tasks.

This is a great option if you don't want to clutter your primary work calendar with blocks where you are just working or don't want colleagues to see what tasks you are working on. 

Default duration when scheduling tasks

Determines the default size of a timeboxed event if one isn't specified by the "planned time" of the task.

Availability: Calendar events created from tasks

Set the default "availability" when creating calendar events from an existing task i.e when timeboxing.

  • Show as busy: If you want time spent working on tasks to show as "busy" to other people who have access to your calendar or to tools that look at your calendar to calculate your availability.
  • Show as available: If you want tasks to show up on your calendar but not change your underlying calendar's understanding of your availability.

Privacy: Calendar events created from tasks

Sets the default privacy of calendar events that are created from an existing task i.e. when timeboxing.

  • Calendar default: This will honor whatever setting your underlying calendar uses when new events are created by default.
  • Private: All timeboxed events will be marked as private upon creation. This is a good option if you don't want colleague, who have access to your calendar, to see what you are working on.
  • Public: All timeboxed events will be marked as public. This is a good option if you want colleagues to always see what tasks you are working on.

Autoscheduling gap

Pick how much time the auto-scheduler should leave between the last item on your calendar and the task being scheduled. This is a great way to give yourself some breathing room between tasks.

Autoscheduling Hours

Pick which hours of the day the auto-scheduler should place tasks. You can configure the same start and end for all days or select "Custom by day" in the first dropdown in order to select different hours per day.


Create channels on import

Determines if Sunsama should auto-create channels that match the project/label/tag name of the task in it's source integration.

Update task status on import/complete

Determines if Sunsama should prompt you for a follow-up action when you import or complete a task from an integration. If the integration support the "Automations" panel, Sunsama will honor the settings from that integrations "Automations" panel, instead of this global setting.

We recommend keeping this turned on. This allows you to manage workflows like the following: (1) import task from integration, (2) see prompt, (3) mark as "in progress" in source tool, (4) complete task, (5) see prompt, (6) mark as "completed" in source tool.

Account Details

Change primary email

If you want to change the primary account email associated with your Sunsama account, you can use this setting to change it.

In order to use this, there can not be an existing account with the email you want to change to. If you inadvertently created an account with the new email, we recommend logging in as that user and deleting the account first.

Delete account

Delete your account and all associated information. If you are the only person in your workspace, your paid subscription will also be cancelled.

Mobile App Settings

Disabled haptics

Disable any haptic feedback in the app.

Dark mode

- Always on: Always show the app in dark mode, regardless of system settings or Sunsama web settings.
- Always off: Always show the app in light mode, regardless of system settings or Sunsama web settings.
- Match system settings: Show app in dark mode, if phone's OS is in dark mode.
- Match web settings: Show app in dark mode to match your Sunsama account settings.

RTL Mode

This swaps the app into right-to-left mode. Requires a restart when toggled.

This feature is experimental and may not work in 100% of cases.

Disable date/time interpretation

This disables Sunsama from interpreting natural language based start dates/time when creating a new task.

Five-minute intervals

Determines if planning/actual time dials should show times in five minute or one minute increments.

Left hand mode

This makes important actions easier to reach with your thumb if you are left handed.