Browsing and importing tasks

Learn how to find your items in and pull them into your daily plan

How to use

Accessing the integration

To open the panel, click the icon in the right hand navigation panel.

Alternatively, use the Command Palette CMD+K to search for "".

Selecting your user account / organization account

If you have multiple connected user accounts and/or organizations, you can select the one you want to view issues from by clicking on the icon in the top-right corner of the panel.

Browsing Boards

Browsing workspaces, boards, and folders

Sunsama gives you access to all of the boards you have access to. Click the main board dropdown to see a list of your boards. The boards you've most recently interacted with on itself are shown at the top. Below these, you'll find boards organized by workspaces and folders.

Find any specific board more quickly by typing its name in the search box, filtering the list down to boards with names that have closely matching names.


"My work" view

Inside the app, the "My work" view can be helpful to quickly find items that need your attention across different boards. Unfortunately, doesn't allow Sunsama, as a third party, access to your data in a way that lets us enable this type of functionality in a reasonable way.

If "My work" is the best way for you to find the work you have to do, we recommend using it in conjunction with the Global Add Task modal and the ability to paste-in URLs to items.

Filtering items

Filter by already imported

Use this filter setting to show or hide items from the integration panel that you have already imported into Sunsama.

Filter by me

Use this filter setting to only show items that include your user account in any of the item's person columns.

Filter by status

Use this filter to find items with a certain status set. Filtering is done per status column, with items having to pass each filter to be shown. Per status column, an item is required to have any of the selected statuses. When no statuses are selected, the filter is disabled, allowing the status of the item to be anything.

Importing items

When you are ready to import a certain item from, you can pull it into your plan in Sunsama. There are three ways to do this via the in-app integration:

  • Drag and drop the task from the panel into your Sunsama task list.
  • To timebox the task directly, switch to calendar view (keyboard shortcut tab) and drag and drop the item directly onto your Sunsama calendar at the time you plan to work on it. This will add the task to that day in Sunsama and create a working session on your calendar.
  • Click on the item in the panel and click “Add to today” or select a specific date for the task.

Add via URL

If you're struggling to find your item in the integration panel for whatever reason, or you're already viewing your items within directly, you can always import an item into Sunsama from using the add via URL method.

Simply copy the URL for an item in, and paste it into a new task modal within Sunsama or with the global add task modal if using the Sunsama desktop app.