Workspace Navigation

Navigating your Sunsama workspace where you can see all your tasks, calendars, integrations and access various focused views.


How to use

Left hand panel

This is the main navigation panel in your workspace. From here you can access different workspace views, daily and weekly rituals, and your settings.

You can hide or reveal your left hand panel a few different ways:

  • clicking on the << button at the top
  • using keyboard shortcut <
  • If the left hand panel is hidden, simply move your mouse cursor to the left edge to reveal it

Main Menu · 0:17

Click on the "Sunsama" button at the top of your left hand panel to access the main dropdown menu.

Here you can access your Sunsama settings, analytics, and other account features.

Home view · 0:36

The Home view can be accessed by clicking on the "Home" button or with keyboard shortcut H. It offers you the board view, where you can see a kanban of multiple daily task lists, or the calendar view.

Focus Mode · 1:16

Focus Mode, accessed with shortcut F or clicking on "Focus", will bring you to a full screen view of a single task in today's task list, so you can stay focused on a single task as you work on it.

More information on focus mode can be found in this article.

Daily Task list · 2:19

Daily task list view, accessed with shortcut T or by clicking on "Daily task list", will bring you to a focused view of a single task list next to the right hand panel.

More information can be found here.

Rituals · 3:20

All your daily and weekly rituals can be accessed in the left hand panel as well, by their buttons or their shortcuts (P for Daily Planning, O for Daily Shutdown).

More info on each ritual can be found here:

Center panel

The center panel will show you the view you're in.

Date picker · 0:56

From any of the views, click the date picker button in the top left corner of the center panel to navigate to a different day.

From the date picker, you can use the mini monthly calendar pop out to select another day, as well as keyboard shortcuts to jump to the next/previous day or week.

To navigate back to Today, use keyboard shortcut Shift Spacebar or click the X next to the date in view.

Board view · 4:06

Board view is a kanban of your daily task lists. You can scroll or navigate using the date picker to any previous or future day's task list. Here you have the full functionality of your task lists, such as adding tasks, managing tasks, scheduling tasks, and timeboxing tasks.

Filter by Channel · 4:27

To filter your workspace view by channel, use keyboard shortcut Shift F or click on the "Filter" button at the top of the Board view.

Here, you can select any of your channels or contexts to filter by. If you are filtering your view to a channel, you'll see only tasks assigned to that channel in your board.

You can use the channel selector or click the X next to your filtered channel to apply no filtering and view #all tasks.

Filter by teammate · 5:19

If you are in a collaborative shared workspace, you can view your teammates' non-private task lists. To do so, click the same Filter button at the top of the board view and select "Filter by Teammate"

Calendar view · 5:43

Access Calendar view with keyboard shortcut Tab or by clicking the "Board" button and selecting a calendar view.

In calendar view, your calendar takes the center panel, and your task list can be viewed in the right hand panel.

You can toggle off/on the visibility of any of your connected and enabled calendars. To do so, click on the "Calendars" button above your calendar, and click on any of your calendars to toggle it's visibility.

Right hand panel · 6:23

The right hand panel is your secondary view, it allows you to see your calendar or task list side by side with each other, your emails, integrated tools, or objectives.

The date in view in the calendar in the right hand panel is always determined by the calendar mini-map and what's visible in the primary view. Click on a date's header in the center panel to show that day's respective calendar or task list.

If you need to hide the right panel, you can collapse it keyboard shortcut >.

The right hand panel supports a variety of integrations and features. You can follow the links below to learn about each of those.

Best practices

  • If you are seeing the wrong day in the right hand panel or the wrong week's objectives, check your mini-map.
  • If you timebox your tasks, we recommend increasing the zoom level of your calendar from the right hand panel.
  • Use the Command Palette or Keyboard Shortcuts to navigate your workspace view faster.