Miscellaneous Pro-Tips

A collection of some smaller, miscellaneous pro-tips for optimizing your Sunsama workflow.

Editing actual time on a previous day and other rollover tips

Tips on how to adjust actual time on a previous day and generally manage rollover of tasks and subtasks

Merge or add new subtask with keyboard shortcut >

Use > in the add task modal to save a step in merging a task or adding a new subtask.

Merging Linked tasks to make your inboxes more accessible

Using merge, add via URL, and other techniques, you can make your daily recurring “inbox” or “triage” task get you to those various inboxes much faster!

Splitting a task on the calendar and multi-day tasks

Tips for splitting a task into multiple timeboxes on today’s calendar, and overview of techniques for dealing with multi-day tasks.

How to use Sunsama's AI prediction features and what to expect

AI Channel and Planned time features can improve over time and help you save time in creating rich tasks.

Merge emails and other integration tasks into daily tasks

Using our new Merge feature, add emails and other integrated tasks as subtasks into one task.

Using Objectives to plan backwards from a deadline

Use weekly objectives to plan aligned tasks that lead up to a deadline or due date.

Using the backlog to plan your week in advance

Add tasks to your backlog throughout the week, then import those tasks for rough weekly planning.

Creating rich new tasks with keyboard shortcuts alone

Using keyboard shortcuts alone, you can quickly create tasks and input their properties.

Use recurring task notes for accurate, quick, personalized reflections

Use the notes of recurring tasks to help you write better ritual reflections.

How to manage your tasks ahead of vacation or OOO days

Tips for managing your Sunsama tasks ahead of holiday or vacation time.

Automatically Stop Slack Distractions via Sunsama

Disable Slack and Teams notifications when you're working on a task in Sunsama.

Setting your intention and focus each day

Use notes on recurring tasks as mantras and reminders.

Create tasks in Sunsama from anywhere

Use the global add task shortcut to add tasks to Sunsama from anywhere.

Recurring tasks with attached URLs

Create recurring tasks with attached links to quickly visit websites you routinely need to check up on.

Showing tasks in a list via Search

With the new search functionality, it easier to find old tasks without endlessly scrolling or using the calendar.

Template tasks in your backlog for long lists

Create template tasks in your backlog for those occasional tasks with long checklists.

Daily planning and shutdown for just work or personal tasks

Enter Sunsama rituals multiple times to focus on planning or reflecting on just your work tasks or your personal tasks.

How to stay in focus mode

Check your calendar, create new tasks, or pivot to new tasks without leaving Focus Mode.

Emojis in task titles

User emojis in task titles to make tasks personal and stand out.

Basic Habit Tracking with Sunsama Tasks

While Sunsama is not designed for habit tracking, there are ways to use tasks for very simple habit tracking.

Checkboxes in notes for habits instead of subtasks

Use checkboxes in notes, rather than subtasks, for simple habit tracking.