Command Palette

Fast, searchable set of commands for quickly taking in-app actions.


Quickly search for and execute the most important actions in the application entirely from your keyboard.


How to use

Pulling up the command palette · 0:10
Type CMD+K to bring up the palette. Then you can start typing to search for commands. Almost anything you can do with your mouse is available in the command palette.

In some cases, certain commands will be greyed out. This happens when a certain action isn't available in your current view.

There are two sub-palettes inside of the command palette. One for switching channels and one for adding a task.

Add a task palette · 1:10
Type A to trigger immediately or use the 'Add task' entry inside the command palette.

Channel switcher · 1:24
Type CMD+L to trigger immediately or type # while inside the command palette.

Best practices

  • On the right hand side of every command, you'll see its associated keyboard shortcut. If you learn these, you can skip the step of typing CMD+K and searching for your action.
  • In order to use the Command Palette actions associated with a task, you must have your mouse hovered over that task to start.