Automatically adjust the rest of your day when a task takes longer (or shorter) than planned.


What triggers auto-rescheduling

Auto-rescheduling when a task is scheduled at the same time as another task · 0:20

When you schedule (or reschedule) a task on your calendar such that it conflicts with another task scheduled at the same time, the auto-rescheduler will kick in and resolve the conflict.

Sunsama will try and ensure you are only scheduled to work on one task at a time.

Auto-rescheduling when a task is completed ahead of schedule · 4:06

When you complete a task before its scheduled end time, Sunsama will truncate the working session and the auto-rescheduler will shift any remaining tasks to fill the empty time.


Sunsama only auto-reschedules tasks scheduled (working sessions) to your calendar via Sunsama. Regular calendar events (i.e. meetings) are never touched by the auto-rescheduler. Rescheduling regular calendar events won't trigger auto-rescheduling.

Controlling auto-rescheduling · 5:28

Hold 'Shift' when scheduling to prevent auto-rescheduling · 5:55

Sometimes it's okay for two tasks to conflict on the calendar. To prevent auto-rescheduling behavior, hold down the Shift key when dragging a task on your calendar.

Use Cmd Z to undo auto-rescheduling · 6:21

You can revert auto-scheduling behavior by pressing Cmd Z (or Ctrl Z). The changes you made to the original task will stick - only changes to other tasks by the auto-rescheduler will be reverted.

Disable auto-rescheduling from your settings page · 7:16

You can disable auto-rescheduling entirely from your account settings page. Each of the two types of auto-rescheduling (deconflicting and early completion) can be disabled individually.

Nuances in auto-rescheduling behavior · 7:37

When a task is going to be auto-rescheduled, the new time is determined by a similar process used to auto-schedule a task. There are just a few nuances.

When completing a task early, only contiguous tasks will be shifted forward · 7:45

If there's a big gap between tasks, Sunsama won't try and shift the latter group of tasks forward. Sunsama treats those as a separate block of work.

When deconflicting tasks, if you run out of time to fit everything, tasks that don't fit will be unscheduled · 9:00

Unlike when you try and auto-schedule a task, if there is no room to auto-reschedule a task, you won't be prompted to extend your day. The task will simply be unscheduled from the calendar, but the task will remain in your task list.