Browsing and importing issues

Learn how to find your issues in Linear and pull them into your daily plan


How to use

Accessing the Linear integration · 0:16

To open the Linear panel, click the Linear icon in the right hand navigation panel.

Alternatively, use the Command Palette CMD+K to search for "Linear".

Selecting your Linear account/workspace · 0:25

If you have multiple connected Linear user accounts and/or workspaces, you can select the one you want to view issues from by clicking on the icon in the top-right corner of the panel.

Browsing Linear views and issues

My issues view · 0:44

The only built-in view available in the Linear integration is your "My issues" view.

Click on the dropdown filter selection button under "My issues" to view:

  • Issues assigned to you in Linear
  • Issues you created in Linear
  • Issues you are subscribed to in Linear

Issues are sorted by their creation date, and completed issues show for five days after completion in the "My issues" view.

Any other filtering, grouping, or ordering you can apply to your view of "My issues" in Linear is not currently supported in Sunsama. To display or filter your issues in any other way, a custom view in Linear is required.

Custom views · 1:27

Linear custom views are useful as they can display the specific set of issues you wish to see via filters you set up in Linear. Your Linear custom views can be browsed and imported from in Sunsama. Click here to learn more about Linear's custom views.

Like the "My issues" view, it is not possible to control the sorting or ordering of the issues in your custom views within Sunsama; issues are sorted by their creation date.


Creating or editing your custom views in Linear

If you have not set up a custom view in your Linear account yet, click "Create a View for Sunsama" in the views dropdown menu to be taken to Linear's view creation page.

If you are viewing a custom view in Sunsama and wish to edit or add filters to the view, click "Edit View in Linear" in the filter dropdown menu to be taken to your view in Linear to edit it.

Filter by already imported · 3:00

Use this filter setting to show or hide issues from the integration panel that you have already imported into Sunsama.

Importing issues · 3:22

When you are ready to import a certain issue from Linear, you can pull it into your plan in Sunsama. There are three ways to do this via the in-app integration:

  • Drag and drop the task from the Linear panel into your Sunsama task list.
  • To timebox the task directly, switch to calendar view (keyboard shortcut tab) and drag and drop the Linear issue directly onto your Sunsama calendar at the time you plan to work on it. This will add the task to that day in Sunsama and create a working session on your calendar.
  • Click on the issue in the Linear panel and click “Add to today” or select a specific date for the task.

Add via URL · 4:00

If you're struggling to find your issue in the integration panel for whatever reason, or you're already viewing your issues within Linear directly, you can always import an issue into Sunsama from Linear using the add via URL method.

Simply copy the URL for an issue in Linear, and paste it into a new task modal within Sunsama or with the global add task modal if using the Sunsama desktop app.