Email Forwarding

Convert emails into tasks by forwarding them to Sunsama


Email forwarding allows you to convert an email into a task that can show up on today's list or in your backlog. You do this by sending an email to your Sunsama forwarding address.


How to use

Get your forwarding address · 0:16
In your Integration Settings in the Email section you will find two "Email Forwarding" addresses. One for adding tasks to today's list and one for adding tasks to the backlog.

They'll look something like this: [email protected].

Sending a task to Sunsama· 0:38

In order to send an email to your task list, you just need to add the forwarding address as a recipient of the message: forwarding, replying-to, cc-ing, and bcc-ing will all work.

Previews· 1:10
Inside Sunsama, you'll see your email, when you click into it, you'll see a full preview of the sent message.

Best practices

  • Add your forwarding addresses to your contact list in your mail program so you can find them quickly while processing email.
  • If you have custom workflows or use tools that Sunsama doesn't integrate with, you can use your Email forwarding address with something like Zapier or IFTTT to automatically add tasks to your daily task list.