How do I add more calendar accounts?

You can add as many calendar accounts as you want from the "Calendars" menu, accessible in the main dropdown of the app.


Recurring tasks

How do I create a recurring task?

You can set up recurring tasks by creating a task and then going into the details menu for the task to set it to repeat.

How do I create a task that repeats on workdays?

If you want to make a task repeat on all weekdays, you can do this by selecting a repeating frequency of "Weekly" and then selecting all of the weekdays:

Workspace Management

Merging workspaces

If you've got these questions:

  • How do I create a shared Sunsama workspace with another Sunsama user?
  • How do I add all the Sunsama accounts/users in my company under one account?

How to fix it:

  1. One person should pick the role of admin, this is the person who will be responsible for the billing information of the shared workspace.
  2. The admin should send invites to each person they want in the workspace. Invites can be sent individually or via link.
  3. When you make your first invite, you'll be prompted to set your workspace as "Collaborative" or "Private". If you want to share tasks, pick "Collaborative". If you want everyone to have their own private Sunsama but need to aggregate billing, pick "Private".
  4. Each person should accept the invite (delivered via email). When accepting they will be prompted to accept

Transitioning your workspace to a personal account

If you've got these questions:

  • I've been using Sunsama with my company email but I want to keep using Sunsama after I leave
  • I want to make sure I can use Sunsama if I lose access to my work email


  1. Navigate to your account settings and scroll all the way to the bottom
  2. Change your primary email to a personal email account you own. If you've already got an account under a personal email, delete it first.

Ejecting from a workspace

If you've got these questions:

  • I've been using Sunsama with a team but I want to leave the workspace and have my own.

How to fix it:

If you are staying at the same company but just want your own workspace under the same account, you should reach out to support ([email protected]) and ask us to create you a new workspace and transition your tasks.

If you are leaving your company and want to move your Sunsama data to another account, follow the instructions above for transitioning your workspace to a personal account. Once you do that, reach out to support ([email protected]) for instructions on creating a new workspace and transitioning your tasks over.

How do I remove a teammate?

If you are the admin of your workspace, you can do this from your workspace settings. If you are not an admin but think you should be, reach out to us.

Should I pick a collaborative or private workspace when inviting people?

If you want everyone to have their own private Sunsama where no information is shared or ever visible but manage all the billing under one account/card, pick "Private".

If you want to share and view one another tasks, pick collaborative. You can setup channels for fine grained privacy of tasks.

How do I change my workspace from private to collaborative?

Send us a message to get help with this issue.

We do not allow users to change their workspace privacy from private to collaborative via self-service once the workspace has more than one member. We do this to make sure that admins cannot suddenly make each user's tasks public to the workspace. If you want to change it, please write to us and we'll help you get this sorted.

Billing and account management

How can I see which of my accounts I am logged in with?

Click the main dropdown in the app and scroll to the bottom to see which account you are logged in with.

Can I create an account without Google or Outlook?

No. Right now, you must create an account with Google or Outlook in order to integrate calendars and emails. Once you create your account, you can set up an email/password sign in by generating a password from here. It's best to follow this link in a private or incognito window.

How much does Sunsama cost?

Sunsama costs $20/user/month when paid monthly and $16/user/month when paid annually. Full details are available here:

How can I change from monthly to annual?

You can change from monthly to yearly by doing the following:

  1. Go to your billing page (click on the Sunsama menu item in the top left corner, then click "Billing").
  2. Hit the "Cancel subscription" button
  3. When asked why you're cancelling, select the option "I need to change my plan type"
  4. Follow the prompts from there

This will then swap you from a monthly to a yearly subscription without incurring any additional costs (i.e. you won't double pay for the remainder of the current month you've already paid for).

How can I change billing information e.g. company name, address, VAT, credit card?

You can do that from your Billing Page. Click on the main dropdown in the app (top left corner) then click "Billing".

Are there non-profit pricing plans?

Sunsama does offer generous non-profit plans. Please reach out to our support ([email protected]) with proof of your non-profit status and we'll apply the special pricing to your account.

Are there student and educational plans?

At this time, we don't offer special pricing plans for students and educators. It's something we'll consider adding in 2022.

Can I get my trial extended?

Reach out to us via [email protected] to tell us a bit about your situation and we'll do what we can to help :)

How do I delete my account and associated data?

You can do this from your account settings (

How do I cancel my paid plan?

You can do this from your Billing settings page. Click on Sunsama (the main dropdown in the top left corner), then click Billing.


Calendar event privacy

If you've got the following questions:

  • Can teammates see my calendars in Sunsama?
  • Who can see the notes I add to calendar events?

Sunsama never exposes events and calendars people wouldn't already have access to via Google or Microsoft. However, if you import the task to your task list, the privacy of the task (it's title) in your kanban will be determined by your channel privacy rules.

The notes you add to a calendar event inside Sunsama only exist inside Sunsama. The only people who can see it are people who are in your workspace (if it's collaborative) and who also have access to the event.

Desktop and Mobile Apps

Where do I get the Desktop app?

You can download the desktop app here:

Where can I get the iOS and Android apps?

Our mobile apps are available through our website.

Why isn't the mobile app on the App Store?

Our mobile app is currently in development and distributed via TestFlight on iOS. You can get access to the beta version of the app through TestFlight. We hope to release the app to the app store in the coming months.