Installation and account management

Connect your Microsoft Teams workspace to Sunsama

Adding the Microsoft Teams integration and connecting your team

Sunsama's integration for Microsoft Teams behaves a little differently than the others. You will not find Microsoft Teams in the right hand panel of your Sunsama workspace along with the other integrations.

To set up Sunsama's integration for Microsoft Teams, go to your Workspace Settings from the main dropdown menu in the top left corner and choose "Microsoft Teams" on the left side.

Click the "Add Microsoft Teams account" button in the "Microsoft Teams" integration settings.

This will take you to a page to connect your Microsoft Teams workspace and allow access to Sunsama. If you are not already logged in to your Microsoft account, you may need to do so. Click "Accept".

Your Microsoft Teams workspace is now connected, and you can now use the Microsoft Teams integration to post your daily planning and shutdown notes to your favorite team and channel.