Tasks vs Events: the basics

Understand the difference and overlap between Tasks and Calendar Events in Sunsama.


Tasks are in your daily task lists. You can log actual time on and complete tasks.

Only tasks in your task list are counted towards your workload and time totals. If something is on your calendar, or in an integration panel, but not in your task list, Sunsama will not count it as something you worked on. Items must be imported or added to your task list to count towards your time spent.

Tasks will not show up on your underlying Google/Outlook calendar unless you deliberately timebox them. There are multiple ways to timebox a task, including simply dragging the task on to the calendar.

For more information, check out our thorough guide on timeboxing.


Calendar events alone do not necessarily count as tasks.

Import calendar events to your task list to have them count as work and towards your time totals. You can do this manually or have Sunsama import events automatically. Check out this guide on importing events for more information .