Use Notion as your backlog via task export

Learn how to export and link tasks between Sunsama and Notion


Drag and drop tasks from Sunsama into Notion and use Notion as a highly organized backlog for your tasks instead of Sunsama's lightweight backlog.


How to use

Export task to Notion · 0:20

Exporting makes it super easy to declutter your Sunsama. You can simply drag and drop tasks to file things away in your Notion database if you aren't finding time for them or just want them to do later.

Drag and drop a task into your Notion panel in Sunsama to export it. This removes the task from Sunsama and creates an entry/page in your selected Notion database with the title synced over. Any subtasks and notes will be synced over as text on the newly created page in Notion.

Link Sunsama task to Notion · 1:11

Linking tasks to Notion makes it possible to create tasks in Sunsama, while you are working, and then make sure they're tracked in your system of record, Notion.

Hold CMD on Mac or Ctrl on Windows while dragging and dropping into the Notion panel to link a Sunsama task to Notion.


  • When you export a task, Sunsama will export the title and display the subtasks and notes of the task in the text of the newly created page in Notion. Channels, comments, related objective information, and time tracking information won't be exported.
  • When linking a task, Sunsama will create a simplified instance of the task, with only a matching title.