Focus Mode

Focused and minimal view of just the task you are working on right now.


Stay focused on the task you're currently working on.


How to use

Entering focus mode · 0:20

  • Hit f on your keyboard to enter focus mode . This will immediately focus you on the next task in your list for today.
  • When you start the timer for a task, you will automatically be sent to focus mode, unless you've disabled that in your Account Settings.
  • To focus on a specific task, hover over the task or click on it, then type the keyboard shortcut f.

When in focus mode · 1:31

  • Hit spacebar to start and stop the timer.
  • Hover your mouse over the right hand side to reveal your calendar, so you don't miss your next meeting.
  • Your focus will automatically moved to the next task on your list for the day when you complete a task in focus mode. If you've finished all your tasks for the day, you'll see the "Done for the day" screen.
  • Click "Break" to pause your timer and take a short break from what you are working on.

Exiting focus mode · 2:02

To exit focus mode, you can hit esc or click "Close" from the hover menu at the top of the page.

Best practices

  • Use the timer when you are in focus mode. When you run the timer, you'll feel more committed to only working on that one task. Running the timer also helps you hone your ability to set accurate time estimates, as you can compare an accurate actual time to your original planned time. If you consistently run the timer, in a few weeks, you will be estimating tasks more accurately and planning more reasonable workdays as a result.
  • Use the up/down arrow keys to navigate between tasks in your task list, without having to leave focus mode.