Today View

Show only today's tasks and events in a simplified two-column view.


Focus on just the things you need to do today once you've planned your day.


How to use

Entering today view · 0:13

The easiest way to enter today view is to use the keyboard shortcut t. You can also open it via the command palette or clicking "Focus" at the top of today's column.

In the today view, you won't see the usual left hand panel for changing calendars and channels but it's still possible to change what's in view:

Changing calendars in today view · 0:39

If you want to change the calendars while in this view use the "..." menu in the top right corner of the calendar view.

Changing contexts/channels in today view · 0:53

If you want to change contexts/channels while in this view you can do that via the command palette's channel selector which you can bring up directly with CMD + L.

Other tools in the right hand panel

Besides the calendar, you can display anything else in the right hand panel like you normally can.

Simply click on an icon or use a keyboard shortcut to open an integrated tool, archive, backlog, or weekly objectives in the right hand panel.

Best practices

  • Once your day is planned, this is the view you should have open for most of the day.