Daily Task List view

Show only today's tasks and events in a simplified two-column view.


Focus on just the things you need to do today once you've planned your day.


How to use

Entering daily task list view · 0:37

The easiest way to enter daily task list view is to use the keyboard shortcut T. You can also open it via the left hand navigation panel.

In daily task list view, you won't see the left hand navigation panel, but can reveal it by hovering over the left hand side of the screen with your mouse, clicking the >> symbol, or with keyboard shortcut <.

Navigating daily task list view · 0:57

You can preform any action in this view that you can in the home view.

For example, to filter your view by channel or context, click the "Filter" button at the top or use shortcut Shift F.

The right hand panel is the same as it is in the home view; you can view your calendars, integrations, and other inboxes.

Selecting a day · 1:25

You are not confined to just today's task list in daily task list view. You can remain in this focused view while looking at different days.

To navigate to a different day, click on the date picker in the top left corner and select a date, or use keyboard shortcuts such as Shift → to view tomorrow.


Light future daily planning

Use this technique to do some light daily planning on a future day, without needing to enter the daily planning flow or using the home view.

To get back to viewing today, click the X in the date picker, or use keyboard shortcut Shift Spacebar.

Best practices

  • Once your day is planned, this is the view you should have open for most of the day.