Get a reminder to take a break after you've been working for a while.


Add structured breaks during your focus time.


How to use


Requires the desktop app

In order to get reminders to take breaks, you must have the Sunsama desktop app running in the background, since reminders are shown in the Focus Bar.

Reminders to take a break · 0:15

  • If you've enabled break reminders, after you've been working for a while, you'll see a prompt in the focus bar to take a break. You can opt to take a break, snooze the break for 5 minutes, or skip the break (which will restart the countdown until your next break).

Enabling break reminders · 0:56

  • Enable break reminders from your Account Settings. You can choose how long you like to work before you're prompted to take a break, and how long you like your breaks to be.
  • You can customize the sound that's played from the Focus Bar settings.

Manually taking / ending a break · 1:35

  • If you're ready to take a break, you don't have to wait for a reminder. You can start a break from the Focus Bar, or from Focus Mode by opening the Pomodoro view.
  • You can also manually adjust how long until your next reminder to take a break.

Pomodoro timer view · 2:10

  • You can swap between the default timer view (which counts up, showing how much time in total you've worked on a task) and the pomodoro timer view (which counts down, showing how much time remains until your next break.
  • You can swap between timer views from both the Focus Bar and Focus Mode.