Browsing and importing emails

Learn how to find your emails in Gmail and pull them into your daily plan


How to use:

Accessing the Gmail integration · 0:14

To open the Gmail integration panel:

  • Click the Gmail icon in the right hand navigation panel
  • Use the Keyboard Shortcut Shift+G
  • Use the Command Palette CMD+K to search for Gmail

Browsing your Gmail · 0:44

Use labels and filters to view the relevant set of emails you wish to browse and import into Sunsama.

Labels · 1:02

Select which type of Inbox or Label you want to view the emails of.


Additive labels

Note that selecting these labels is additive, so that you can narrow your view to specific combinations of labels and inboxes. If you are struggling to see your emails, ensure that you have only selected the label(s) you wish to view.

Filters · 2:27

Use filters to show or not show the following types of emails:

  • Archived
  • Spam and Trash
  • Already imported into Sunsama


You won't be able to view Archived, Spam, or Trash emails if you are only viewing the Inbox, as these types of emails do not show in the Gmail inbox.

Importing tasks · 3:26

When you import an email from Gmail into Sunsama, the newly created Sunsama task’s title will be the subject of the email. There are three ways to import from the Gmail integration:

  • Drag and drop the task from the Gmail panel into your Sunsama task list.
  • Click on the email in the Gmail panel and click “Add to today” or select a specific date for the task.
  • To timebox the task directly, switch to calendar view (keyboard shortcut tab) and drag and drop the email directly onto your Sunsama calendar at the time you plan to work on it. This will add the task to that day in Sunsama and create a working session on your calendar.

Best Practices

If you get email notifications for a tool that is not currently integrated with Sunsama, consider stitching together a homemade version of an integration for that tool via the Gmail integration.

Refer to this guide on how to do that, and simply replace "Notion notifications" with any other applicable tool.