Integrating Notion Notifications

Learn how to see your Notion Notifications in Sunsama via the email integration


In this guide, we'll show you how to stitch together a homemade version of a Notion Notifications/Mentions integration via the Sunsama Email integration.



Create a filter and label in your inbox · 0:43

  1. In your mail client search for Notion, then select a single message that looks like a mention or notification.
  2. Click the "..." menu at the top and click "Filter messages like this"
  3. Click "Create Filter"
  4. Pick "Apply the label..." and create a new label like "Notion Notifications".
  5. If you want this to apply to previous notifications, also select "Also apply to matching conversations"

Browse Notion Notifications in Sunsama · 1:52

Open the Gmail (or Outlook integration) in Sunsama and from the main label dropdown, select "Notion Notifications" and make sure to uncheck "Inbox" or the currently selected label

Drag Notifications in · 2:26

You can now click on any email to see a preview and drag the task into your Sunsama task list.

That's all it takes to set up your own home-spun integration with your Notion Notifications!

Best practices

  • Navigate to your email automations tab to control Sunsama's behavior when you drag a Notion notification in.
  • When setting up your filter make sure to use the options for "Mark as read" or "Skip inbox" if you don't want these items cluttering your inboxes.
  • You can follow this procedure for just about any product that delivers email notifications. You can also consider connecting your other tools through to your email via Zapier/IFTTT and then using the Sunsama email integrations to pull the items in.