Troubleshooting and FAQ

Get help for common issues with Sunsama's Outlook integration.

Does Sunsama support on-premises servers?

In general, we do not have support for on-premises integrations as this creates many unique issues we do not have the capacity to support at this time. If your organization hosts Outlook on-premises, you may not be able to integrate your Outlook email.

Does Sunsama work with self-hosted Exchange servers?

Mostly, yes.

Microsoft's documentation is very unclear on this point as well.

We have customers with hosted exchange servers that can integrate with Sunsama. Others that can't. The reasons for not being able to vary, like the exchange server versions being too old and not supporting the latest Microsoft Graph API, or some security setting that prevents the API from properly accessing the data.

One thing that is common to all that work, is that they login with a Microsoft account (meaning that they can login at, for example), even with a hosted exchange server (which isn't used for authentication, but for emails/calendars, etc.).