Interacting with imported emails

Learn how Outlook email tasks behave inside Sunsama


How to use

Imported tasks · 0:12

Once an Outlook email is imported into Sunsama, it becomes a Sunsama task, with the email thread and Outlook actions embedded inside the Sunsama task. You can tell which tasks in your Kanban are imported from Outlook via the Outlook icon on the card. Clicking on this icon will bring you to the email in Outlook.

Outlook email details · 0:32

The embedded details from Outlook will show the thread and conversation of emails.

Within these embedded details, you can browse and collapse or expand the emails in the thread.

You can also take several actions on the email in Outlook:

  • Open in Outlook
  • Delete
  • Archive
  • Mark as unread
  • Flag


By setting up Automations, you can update the email upon importing and/or completing it in Sunsama. This is explored on the next page.

Interacting with Sunsama specific task information · 0:56

Your associated Sunsama task acts like a worksheet for your Outlook email. Inside your Sunsama task, you can add notes, time tracking information, subtasks, and comments, all of which will not sync back to Outlook. Use your Sunsama task to track the minutia of the task itself.