Installation and account management

Learn how to add and remove your Gmail integration in Sunsama


Adding the Gmail integration and connecting your Gmail · 0:12

There are two ways you can integrate Gmail:

  • From your Workspace Settings
  • By clicking the Gmail button in the right hand panel, which may be hidden under the + button

To integrate, click the "Add" button, then grant Sunsama the requested permissions.


Integrating the correct Gmail account

If you are already logged into Gmail/Google in your browser, the consent screen you see will grant Sunsama access to the Gmail accounts that are logged in.

If you have multiple Gmail accounts, select the one you want to integrate first. You can add more Gmail accounts later.


Google Calendar · 1:41

Connecting your Gmail does not automatically connect that Google account’s calendar. To connect or manage your Google calendar, go to your Calendars page from the main dropdown menu.

Connecting additional Gmail accounts or removing them · 1:55

Navigate to your Integration settings, scroll down to the Gmail integration (or click on your profile picture in the top right of the integration panel), and click "Manage". From this page:

  • Click "Add another Google Account" to connect another Gmail in Sunsama.
  • Click "Remove" to disconnect a Gmail account from Sunsama.

Opening emails in Superhuman rather than Gmail

If you use Superhuman as your email client, you can have Sunsama open your Gmail emails in Superhuman rather than Gmail.

Go to Workspace Settings and click "Manage" next to Gmail. You'll now see a setting called "Custom email client" with a dropdown allowing you to select "Superhuman".

Now when you open an email within Sunsama, whether that email is in your task list or the integration panel, it will open in Superhuman rather than the default email client.