Calendar Settings

Configure your calendars.

Accessing Calendar Settings

  • Use the Command Palette to search for calendar settings
  • Use the main dropdown in the app (in the top left corner)


How to use

Disabling a calendar · 0:35

For calendars you don't care about, you can disable them. Disabled calendars won't be visible to you within the app.

Setting a default task calendar · 1:00

When timeboxing your tasks, if you don't want your tasks to be scheduled to your primary calendar by default, you can choose a different calendar to be the default.

This is a good option if you don't want your tasks to clutter up your primary calendar.

Linking a calendar to a channel · 1:26

Each of your calendars can be linked to a specific channel. So you can link your work calendar to your #work context, and you can link your personal calendar to your #personal context.

Once you've linked a calendar to a channel/context, when you schedule a task in that channel/context to your calendar, it will automatically be scheduled to the linked calendar.

Also, when you import an event from a calendar linked to a channel, the task that's created will automatically be assigned to the linked channel.

Setting an import calendar · 2:57

When planning your day, if there are specific calendars you always want to import events from, you can mark these calendars as import calendars.