Browsing and importing cards

Learn how to find your Trello cards and pull them into your daily plan.


This article will show you how to browse your Trello boards, lists, and cards so that you can find the cards you need while planning your day.


How to use

Accessing the Trello integration · 0:11

The Trello integration is visible in the right hand panel in both the Workspace View and the daily planning view.

To open the Trello panel:

Once you are inside the Trello panel, there are two sub-panels: "Trello" and "Automations". Click on Trello at the top to view your boards and cards.

Browsing Trello boards · 0:45

Sunsama gives you access to all of the Trello boards visible to your Trello account, across all your Trello workspaces.

Click the main board dropdown to see a list of boards and select one.

View card details · 1:10

Sunsama provides a rich preview of each of your Trello cards so you can decide which cards you need to work on today without needing to leave Sunsama.

Click on any card to see a detailed preview of the Trello card.

Importing cards · 1:27

When you are ready to commit to working on a certain Trello card, you can pull into your plan in Sunsama. There are three ways to pull a Trello card into Sunsama:

  1. Drag and drop the card from the Trello panel onto your Sunsama task list.
  2. Drag and drop the card from Trello panel onto your Sunsama calendar, this will add a task to that day in Sunsama and block off time on your calendar.
  3. From the Trello card preview, click "Add to today" or pick a specific date for the card.

Filtering your view · 2:31

If you've got a lot of cards inside Trello, it can be helpful to filter down to your most relevant cards. Sunsama currently provides three ways to filter and search for Trello cards:

Hiding and showing lists · 2:46

Click the dropdown "Lists: All" to select which lists (columns) you want to see from your Trello board.

It can be helpful to hide columns like "Done" if you aren't ever going to pull tasks in from there.

Hiding or showing previously imported tasks · 3:00

By default, when you drag a task into Sunsama from Trello, that task is hidden in the right hand panel. This allows you to easily keep track of what cards still need to be pulled in.

If you want to see Trello cards that have been previously pulled into Sunsama, click the toggle button that says "Imported: Hide".

If you want to hide Trello cards that were previously pulled into Sunsama, click the toggle button that says "Imported: Show".

Searching for a task by title · 3:40

Type in the search box and hit enter to search for tasks that match your query in the currently selected board.

Best practices

  • As you plan each day, pull in just the few Trello tasks you actually want to work on. Don't try and pull in all of your Trello cards.
  • If your Trello cards encapsulate a large portion of work, you can pull in the card multiple times to break work down into smaller pieces inside of Sunsama.
  • Configure your Trello Automations to make sure your actions in Sunsama keep your Trello kanban in-sync.