Use Trello as your backlog via task export

Learn how to export and link tasks between Sunsama and Trello.


Drag and drop tasks from Sunsama into Trello, use Trello as a highly organized backlog for your tasks instead of Sunsama's lightweight backlog.

How to use

Export task to Trello

Exporting makes it super easy to declutter your Sunsama. You can just drag and drop tasks to file things away in Trello if you aren't finding time for them or just want them to do later.

Drag and drop a task into your Trello panel in Sunsama to export it. This removes the task from Sunsama and creates a card in Trello with the title, subtasks, notes, and due date synced over.


  • When you export a task, Sunsama will export the title, subtasks, notes and due date. Channels, comments, related objective information, and time tracking information won't be exported.