Browsing and importing issues

Learn how to find your Jira issues and pull them into your daily plan.


This article will show you how to browse your Jira projects and issues so that you can find the tasks you need while planning your day.


How to use

Accessing the Jira integration · 0:12

The Jira integration is visible in the right hand panel in both the Workspace View and the daily planning view.

To open the Jira panel:

Selecting a Jira site · 0:40

Inside the Jira integration, click on your user icon. This dropdown will show you one item for each Atlassian "site" you've integrated across any accounts.

Browsing Jira projects and issues · 0:56

Sunsama gives you access to all of the Jira projects, boards, and issues visible under the currently selected Jira site. To view items in different site, you'll need to first changes sites from your avatar icon.

Click the main project dropdown to see a list of your issues.

Using filters · 1:13

Once you select a project, you can use the filters to quickly find issues that might be relevant.

The list of filters you see includes some basic pre-set filters (like "Assigned to me" or "Current sprint - assigned to me") as well as the full list of all your "Favorite Filters" from Jira.

If you need more control, you can always use custom JQL queries on a one-off basis.

Adding custom filters

If there are filters you use daily to find your tasks, you should create the search/filter in Jira directly and then mark it as a favorite. That filter will then show in your list of Jira filters in Sunsama.

Here's how:

  1. Create a new search in Jira and save it (Jira Docs)
  2. Favorite that saved search (Jira Docs)
  3. Return to Sunsama and see your filter in the list

Searching via JQL · 1:42

If you've got custom workflows that define which issues are most relevant to you, you can issue any custom JQL query inside of Sunsama to pull up the relevant issues.

The JQL Query field is agnostic to the currently selected project but it will only search within the account/site that you've got currently in view.

The JQL badge in the left hand side of the search bar turns green when you've entered a valid JQL expression.

If you need help learning how to write JQL, there's many great resources online, including this guide from Atlassian.

If there'a JQL query you often use, you can save it as a "Favorite Filter" in JIRA and it will show in the list of preset filters.

View issue details · 2:40

Sunsama provides a rich preview of each of your Jira issues so you can decide which ones you need to work on today without needing to leave Sunsama.

Click on any card to see a detailed preview of the Jira issue.

Importing issues · 3:00

When you are ready to commit to working on a certain Jira issue, you can pull into your plan in Sunsama. There are three ways to pull a Jira issue into Sunsama:

  1. Drag and drop the card from the Jira panel onto your Sunsama task list.
  2. Drag and drop the card from Jira panel onto your Sunsama calendar, this will add a task to that day in Sunsama and block off time on your calendar.
  3. From the Jira card preview, click "Add to today" or pick a specific date for the card.

Filtering issues

Hiding or showing previously imported issues · 4:00

By default, when you drag an issue from Jira into Sunsama, that issue is hidden in the right hand panel. This allows you to easily keep track of what cards still need to be pulled in.

If you want to see Jira issues that have been previously pulled into Sunsama, click the menu button that says "Filter" and toggle on "Already imported".

If you want to hide Jira issues that have been previously pulled into Sunsama, click the menu button that says "Filter" and toggle off "Already imported".

Best practices

  • As you plan each day, pull in just the few Jira issues you actually want to work on. Don't try and pull in all of your Jira issues.
  • If your Jira issues encapsulate a large portion of work, you can add subtasks to the Sunsama task and track your progress on the task across days. Learn more about dealing with multi-day tasks here.