Installation and account management

Learn how to add and remove your Outlook integration in Sunsama

Adding the Outlook integration and connecting your Outlook

There are two ways you can integrate Outlook email:

  • From your Workspace Settings
  • By clicking the Outlook button in the right hand panel, which may be hidden under the + button

To integrate, click the "Add" button, then grant Sunsama the requested permissions.


Outlook Calendar

Connecting your Outlook does not automatically connect that Outlook account’s calendar. To connect or manage your Outlook calendar, go to your Calendars page from the main dropdown menu.

Connecting additional Outlook accounts or removing them

Navigate to your Workspace Settings, scroll down to the Outlook integration (or click on your profile picture/avatar in the top right of the integration panel), and click "Manage". From this page:

  • Click "Add another Outlook Account" to connect another Outlook in Sunsama.
  • Click "Remove" to disconnect an Outlook account from Sunsama.