Using Sunsama in a Zap

Now that Sunsama is a connected app in your Zapier account, you can use it as an "action" in a Zap.


Currently, the Sunsama app in Zapier only allows you to use Sunsama as an "action" (not a trigger) in a Zap, and only to create a new task in Sunsama.

Using Sunsama as an action in a Zap

You can use Sunsama as the action in a Zap. This means you can use any available trigger via any connected app in Zapier to create a detailed Sunsama task in your task list, automatically.

To do so, go to your Zapier > Create > Zaps. Configure your Trigger first.

For the action, select Sunsama as the app. Configure the settings of that action to your liking. You can customize the resulting Sunsama task's name, channel, start date, notes, and more.

Here's a walkthrough showing how to use Sunsama as an action in a Zap:

Zapier Templates

There are a number of Zap templates you can use. Some of these were created by Sunsama, some were created by users like you. They are displayed based on their popularity of use according to Zapier.

You can find these templates in two places:

1- Zapier's Sunsama app page

2- Sunsama's Zapier Settings page, in Settings > Zapier. This will show the same list, but only the top 5 templates.

Some examples of Zap templates include but are not limited to: