Installation and account management

Learn how to add, remove, and configure your Asana integration with Sunsama.


This guide explains how to grant Sunsama access to your Asana account or revoke it.


Adding the Asana integration · 0:14

There are two ways you can integrate Asana:

In order to integrate, click the "Add" button, then grant Sunsama the requested permissions.


Integrating the right Asana account · 0:44

If you are already logged into Asana in your browser, the consent screen you see will grant Sunsama access to the Asana account that is logged in. Make sure you are logged in with the Asana account you want to integrate.

Removing the Asana integration · 2:19

Navigate to your workspace settings, scroll down to the Asana integration section, click "Remove".


  • Learn more about how Sunsama integrates with Asana, the permissions we request, and how we responsibly maintain your data here: Integrations and Privacy
  • Currently, Sunsama only allows you to integrate one Asana account at a time. You can add your vote or track the progress of Sunsama allowing for multiple Asana accounts simultaneously here.