Troubleshooting and FAQ

Get help for common issues with Sunsama's Asana integration.

Using a paid versus free Asana plan

You can integrate your Asana account with Sunsama regardless of whether it is a free or paid Asana plan. The only difference in the experience of integrating with a paid versus free plan concerns the accuracy of the search results and sorting in the Asana integration.

Specifically, only a paid Asana plan will utilize Asana's search API. This means when you sort by due date, use search, or try to see tasks as subtasks, you will get a much better set of results if integrating with a paid plan. If they don't have a paid plan, Sunsama will fetch the "latest" 100 tasks and then do the filtering and sorting in Sunsama, which means information or tasks can occasionally be missed compared to what they see in Asana (where you won't experience the search limitations).

Automation: "Show prompt to update the section in Asana" not working

For this automation to work, the Board layout must be your default layout in Asana.

To do this, first select "Board" view from the top of Asana. Then click the three dots near the top right of the page in Asana and click "Save layout as default". This is illustrated here.