Browsing and importing tasks

Learn how to find your Asana tasks and pull them into your daily plan.


This article will show you how to browse your Asana workspaces, projects, and tasks so you can find the tasks you need to plan your day.


How to use

Accessing the Asana integration · 0:15

To open the Asana panel:

Browsing Asana workspaces, projects, sections, and tasks · 0:33

Sunsama gives you access to all of your Asana projects across any workspace associated with your Asana, organizes the tasks by projects and sections, and allows you to search for tasks across all projects.

Changing workspace · 0:33

If you have multiple Asana workspaces, switch between them by clicking on the project at the top of the panel. At the bottom of that dropdown, click on “Change Workspace”.

Viewing projects · 0:54

Click on the project title at the top of the panel to view different projects. Recently viewed projects will appear at the top. You can also type in the “Project: “ search box to find a project.

Once a project is selected, all of the tasks within that project appear below in order as they would appear in Asana, with the section listed above each task.

Viewing tasks by section · 1:08

By default, tasks across “All” sections of a project will display. You can view tasks from certain sections within the project by selecting the dropdown directly under the project title. You can also use the “Section: “ search box to find a particular section of the project.

Viewing task details · 1:19

Sunsama provides all of the details of a given task as you have created it in Asana. Simply click on a given task to view details such as assignee, due date, description, etc.

Importing tasks · 1:41

When you are ready to commit to working on a certain Asana task, you can pull it into your plan in Sunsama. There are three ways to pull an Asana task into Sunsama:

  • Drag and drop the task from the Asana panel into your Sunsama task list.
  • To timebox the task directly, switch to calendar view (keyboard shortcut tab and drag and drop the Asana task directly onto your Sunsama calendar at the time you plan to work on it. This will add the task to that day in Sunsama and create a working session on your calendar.
  • Click on the task in the Asana panel and click “Add to today” or select a specific date for the task.

Filtering your view · 2:19

If you’ve got a lot of projects and tasks inside Asana, it can be helpful to filter down to your most relevant tasks.

Under the “Filter” dropdown, you can filter tasks four ways:

Hiding or showing previously imported tasks · 2:28

By default, when you drag a task into Sunsama from Asana, that task is hidden in the right hand panel. This allows you to easily keep track of what tasks still need to be pulled in.

If you want to see Asana tasks that have been previously pulled into Sunsama, click the option which says “Show even if imported”.

Filtering by assignee · 2:41

By default, Sunsama will show all tasks regardless of who they are assigned to in Asana. If you want to only see tasks that are unassigned and/or assigned to you specifically, you can click the appropriate option.

Filter by due date · 3:06

By default, Sunsama will show all tasks regardless of their due date in Asana. If you don’t want to see tasks that are already past their due date, select “Hide past due date”

Filter by completion · 3:24

By default, Sunsama will only show Asana tasks that have not yet be completed. If you want to view tasks regardless of whether they have been completed, select “All”. You can also select “Completed” to view completed Asana tasks.

Filter by subtasks

By default, Sunsama will show subtasks inside tasks, just as they are displayed in Asana.

However, if you would like to view Asana subtasks as individual tasks, select "Show subtasks (only) as tasks". This will show only Asana subtasks in the integration panel, and not the main parent tasks. This will treat Asana subtasks like individual tasks that you can add to your task list.

If an Asana subtask has a subtask, that second subtask will also show as a task, and so on.

Sort by due date · 3:45

You can sort all tasks in a project regardless of section by their due date by clicking “Sort” next to “Filter” near the top of the panel and selecting “due date”. This will list the tasks in order of their due date, with tasks without a due date at the end of the list.

Searching for a task by keyword · 4:00

Type in the search box and hit enter to search for tasks that match your query in the currently selected project and section. Sunsama will find the tasks with the query in any of the task details (title, description, etc.).