Dealing with emails

Learn best practices for dealing with your email in Sunsama.


Sunsama's email integration is designed to help you incorporate emails that require significant effort into your daily plan. It's not designed to replace your usual inbox triaging and processing workflows, your email client is the best place for that.

As you plan your day, you should use Sunsama to pull in emails that require significant effort, not just all of your emails. As a rule of thumb, emails that take 10+ minutes to read and respond or require significant context switching from processing your inbox are good candidates for being pulled into Sunsama.

You should also set up the correct actions and automations inside of your email integration to ensure that Sunsama honors the particulars of your email workflow once you pull an email into Sunsama.


Finding emails inside of Sunsama

There are two strategies for quickly finding emails inside of Sunsama.

Browse your inbox normally · 0:50

The first one is to just browse your Inbox from Sunsama directly, you can use the main dropdown inside the email panel to pick the appropriate label, inbox or tag that contains the majority of your emails.

Browse via a dedicated label · 1:20

The other option is to label all the items you want to pull into Sunsama into a specific label, in this case, you can create a label like "Sunsama" or "Todo".

As you process your inbox, emails that require detailed followed up can be tagged with the label. Later, inside Sunsama, you can pull up just the emails in that label and quickly pull them all in.

Configure email automations · 2:28

Sunsama is designed to play nicely with your existing email workflow and rules. You can use "automations" in your Gmail or Outlook integration to configure this.

Here are some examples:

  • If your workflow is to consider an email triaged by marking it as read, you can configure your "Import Actions" to "Mark as read".
  • If your workflow is to consider an email totally done by marking it as archived, you can configuring your "Completion Actions" to "Archive".