Share your plan

Share a summary of your daily plan with colleagues.


Once your day is planned, you have the option to publish a summary of your plan to your colleagues via Slack.

If you work on a team that does async daily standups, or Slack standups, you can use the autogenerated summary to expedite that process.


How to use

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Edit daily summary · 0:49
When you arrive on this page, you'll see an auto-generated summary of the plan you just created in the main text editor.

If you want to make revisions, you can directly edit the displayed text, before sending it off.

If you want to change one of the underlying tasks, those are available in the right hand panel, you can change their title, subtasks, planned/actual time, and then use the "Customize" button to regenerate your summary.

If you want to change what information is shown in the summary, you can do that by clicking the "Customize" button at the bottom of the page, when you hit "Apply", your daily summary will be replaced based on your new customizations. Your customization options are saved and re-used on subsequent days.

Customizations · 2:24

  • Include time allocation: Shows how much time you've planned for these tasks or how much actual time you spent if a task is completed.
  • Include subtasks: Shows a list of subtasks for each task.
  • Include private tasks: Adds private tasks to the summary, if you feel like tasks are "missing" from the summary, it's very likely this is toggled off.
  • Include tasks created the previous day: This adds a new section that lists everything you got done the previous workday.

Write out any obstacles · 1:53
In the auto-generated summary, you'll see a heading, "Obstacles in my way", with an empty bullet prompting you to share any "obstacles" or "blockers" that your teammates need to know about.

Post to Slack · 3:08
Once you are happy with your summary, you can click "Post to Slack" and the summary will be posted to the Slack channel you have selected.

To change the Slack channel the summary is sent to, click on the currently selected channel, then pick a new channel from the dropdown.

If you want to share this to a private channel, make sure to first invite the Sunsama bot to that channel, then refresh this page, and then change the selected channel.

Click Get started
Once you've posted to Slack, you can click "Get started". This will end the daily planning flow and move you to the main dashboard view. You can then head into Today View and start working through your plan!

Best practices

  • If you don't have teammates to share your summary with you can click the "Skip this step in the future" option at the bottom to forever skip this step as part of daily planning.
  • If you don't use Slack, you can copy and paste the summary into your preferred tool.
  • If you are sharing with a team, it's helpful to make small edits to the titles of tasks in the summary so that they're clearer to people who have no prior context about the work.
  • To revisit this summary later, you can navigate back to a previous day's column, then open the task named "Daily planning" and you'll see the summary that was generated that day in the notes section of the task.