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Feature request: Integrate with Evernote tasks + notes

Evernotes new task features really does the trick, as one can keep tasks intertwined with e.g. meeting minutes. Would love my evernote tasks to be available in Sunsama!

Is there a way to set a chime or ding when my task timer (actual) reaches the planned amount?

This would be helpful for when I don't have Sunsama up on one of my screens and I've accidentally run over my time for a specific task (email, anyone?). If not, maybe we could add this to the "nice to have features" in the future. Thanks!

Font on meeting notes email is very hard to read

Is there a way to change the font or font weight, color, etc. in the meeting notes emails? They are very hard to read and font is very small. Such a useful feature but I keep getting complaints.

Weekly review - questions/prompts

Hey, I'd like to just mention that I really liked an old feature that you had where at the end of the week when you are looking at where you spent your time, you had three questions to answer that helped you to reflect and compare where you spent your time with your weekly objectives to make sure they aligned. I miss this feature because it was really valuable to me and has made me cut a lot of things out that were nice to do and be involved in, but ultimately did not align with my objectives. I'd love to see this return to Sunsama. Thanks.

MS Teams integration

We use MS Teams task managers ("Tasks" or "Planner"). In Tasks by Planner in Teams, there is a view called Assigned to Me. Could Sunsama bring these into the program for scheduling. Even a one way import would be helpful.

TaskPaper (Markdown format) integration

There is a well known formatting language called Markdown. It is characters in a text file. The app TaskPaper extends markdown to make a standard Task Management tool. Is there any way directly or as a work around to integrate a TaskPaper formatted file into Sunsama? Is anyone using simple text files for task management and integrating with Sunsama? Thanks, Rob.