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Todoist Task lists and tasks assigned to others

Really digging the Todoist integration -- except for one thing: In the list of tasks, it shows tasks assigned to others in my Today and "Next 7 Days" views. Those tasks do NOT show up in those same views when working in the Todoist app itself and that is definitely my preference. Any way to control that on the Sunsama side? It just makes a big list even bigger...

Integration of Notion? (2 way sync)

Hello Are you planning to integrate Notion (best 2 way sync)? Akiflow has solved this integration very well, as an idea.


I turned off a feature on Slackbot. It now tells me " That I won't see messages like this again". How do I get it to show me the messages that I turned off? Slackbot 2:34 PM Help keep the conversation going! (edited) You won't see messages like this again

Is there a way to set a chime or ding when my task timer (actual) reaches the planned amount?

This would be helpful for when I don't have Sunsama up on one of my screens and I've accidentally run over my time for a specific task (email, anyone?). If not, maybe we could add this to the "nice to have features" in the future. Thanks!

Hi, I am adding tasks back to my calender. I have three calendaers (Gcal, two MS). How can I select where the calendar event goes?

Hi, I am adding tasks back to my calender. I have three calendaers (Gcal, two MS). How can I select where the calendar event goes?

Add task as subtask

Is there a way to add a task as a subtask to another task? For example, if I have five super important emails to reply to, which I've brought in from Outlook, I would love to have those as subtasks to a "reply to priority email" task, instead of five different tasks. Very open to suggestions for other ways of thinking about this from all you zen-productivity gurus out there too :wink:

Font on meeting notes email is very hard to read

Is there a way to change the font or font weight, color, etc. in the meeting notes emails? They are very hard to read and font is very small. Such a useful feature but I keep getting complaints.

Some (hopefully) constructive criticism from a client leaving.

The subscription is way too expensive for what you're offering. No decent mobile app (android). No support for daily planning/review when on tablet (I have to use chrome and force Desktop Mode in order for it to work). And to top it off, even the desktop app didn't work well (windows 11) - I found myself unable to see my tasks, but they were all there in the calendar and in the browser app. Jumping from PC - tablet - mobile is a pain. I hope you're going to address these issues because this app has potential.

Desktop app isn't showing me all of my tasks

The calendar events I've added based on my tasks are showing, but the tasks themselves are not showing except for one, I don't know why. On the browser, I do not have this issue. I reinstalled the app, logged out and in, with no success.

Weekly review - questions/prompts

Hey, I'd like to just mention that I really liked an old feature that you had where at the end of the week when you are looking at where you spent your time, you had three questions to answer that helped you to reflect and compare where you spent your time with your weekly objectives to make sure they aligned. I miss this feature because it was really valuable to me and has made me cut a lot of things out that were nice to do and be involved in, but ultimately did not align with my objectives. I'd love to see this return to Sunsama. Thanks.

Todoist Recurring Tasks

What's the best way to manage Todoist recurring tasks in Sunsama? They don't show up automatically, i.e. if I set a task in Todoist to happen every Friday at 8am, I have to manually add it to my Sunsama tasks every Friday... am I missing something?

MS Teams integration

We use MS Teams task managers ("Tasks" or "Planner"). In Tasks by Planner in Teams, there is a view called Assigned to Me. Could Sunsama bring these into the program for scheduling. Even a one way import would be helpful.

TaskPaper (Markdown format) integration

There is a well known formatting language called Markdown. It is characters in a text file. The app TaskPaper extends markdown to make a standard Task Management tool. Is there any way directly or as a work around to integrate a TaskPaper formatted file into Sunsama? Is anyone using simple text files for task management and integrating with Sunsama? Thanks, Rob.

Feature Suggestion: Inbox

Not sure if anyone else goes through this, but in the morning, as I am triaging through slack/my emails/ etc Would love a place to add them into Sunsama that is not my day or my backlog, just so I know they are there for me to deal with later in a complete and systematic way

How can I kick off planning for a specific context?

The daily planning ritual includes tasks from all of my contexts. A lot of the other flows allow me to select a context, i.e. when reflecting on a day I can choose a context, but I can't choose a context for planning my day. My use case is I'm working on the weekends on my 'side project hustle' context. It's distracting to see tasks from 'main job' context when planning. How can I toggle this behavior off? Thanks in advance!

Daily reflection custom/template text...

Is there a way to have the daily reflection window come ready with a template to complete? For example, for it to be a set of questions: 1. What got done today? 2. What did I learn? 3. How am I feeling? 4. What do my colleagues need to know? Ideally, that this could be customised by any user based on what prompts they want for their daily reflection. Thanks, Chris.

Different payment options

Hey, I love this tool and I'm willing to pay for it. But as I've just discovered you only offer payment via credit card. Living in Germany, credit cards are not that common here as e.g. in the US. I don't have a credit card and I don't want to have one. So here, I'd like to ask for different payment options like Paypal or Debit.

Channel Reports

Hi! I use the channels feature to manage my work for different freelance clients. Is there a way to generate a report that shows me the total time I've spent on one channel over a given week, month, etc?

Hubspot Integration

Are there plans to integrate Hubspot into this?

Events not adding to total time

Hello! I'm just getting started using Sunsama and I have things in my Google Calendar like "In London - 12pm - 11pm". As this isn't a task as such and just a 'this is where I'll be' I don't need (or want) it to count towards my time remaining for today's tasks. Is there a way to do this? Or is there a different kind of approach that I should take here?